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Banner Advertising


In addition to our news site, News & Record Interactive provides users with a portfolio of seven websites. Advertising campaigns can be targeted to the specific website whose users best match your target audience or can run across sites for a broader marketing approach.

Our websites include:

Special Programs

News & Record offers a variety of advertising and marketing opportunities outside the traditional banner advertising realm. Two examples are sponsorships and video experts.

Sponsorship opportunities are offered throughout the News & Record websites, including latest headline sponsorships on the home page of, plus the opportunity of sponsor the news, opinion, life and sports pages.

Video experts offers site visitors a video question and answer session about key subjects like home mortgages, senior living and more. The videos are promoted on the home page of for 24/7 availability.


Email Marketing


News & Record offers nine email based newsletters, with a combined subscriber list of over 19,000.

Newsletters cover a range of topics - from's Entertainment Guide to Williams-on-Wine.


Rich Media


Rich media takes banner advertising to a new level. Add user interaction to ads with videos, lead-generation forms, expandable ads, printable coupons and much more.


Search Engine Marketing

News & Record Interactive provides customized Search Engine Marketing (SEM) programs to target your advertising message across Google, Yahoo!, Bing and many other top search engines.

SEM Benefits include:
  • Ability to add SEM packages to any online campaign
  • Pacing and campaign optimization
  • Monthly campaign reports and consultation
  • Adjustments to keywords and search engine spends during the life of the campaign