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Daily Updates


Sent every business day. Briefs on the Triad's top news from the region's best news team.

      Entertainment Guide


Sent every Thursday. A weekly preview of what the Triad has to offer beyond your sofa and remote control.


Breaking News


Sent only when Breaking News develops. Timely alerts about important news events that impact family and lifestyle.




Sent every business day. Business Editor Richard Barron and the News & Record's reporters cover the worlds of industry, economics, and finance and their impacts on the Triad's bottom line.

      Green Notes


Sent every Wednesday. A guide to helping the Triad "live green".


Daily Updates


Advertiser set the send day and time. The News & Record and its advertisers want to keep the Triad informed about all types of special opportunities and deals.


Bargain Bytes


Michael Fuchs and the staff of the Bargain Blog are always on the hunt for new ways to save to save time and money on life’s necessities.


Williams on Wine


Williams on Wine - Wine columnist Ed Williams squeezes the best flavors and bargains out of North Carolina's and the world's vineyards.

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