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Sponsorship positions allow advertisers to brand opportunties throughout News & Record sites.

Sponsorship opportunities includes:
  • home page headline box sponsorships.
  • Section front and keyword sponsorships.

Video Experts

  • A video-based Q&A program without the questions, just the answers to what our users need to know.
  • Promoted 24/7 on home page, and on inside pages via display ads.
  • Each expert is the exclusive sponsor of their primary category of business for the commitment term (i.e. There can be only one mortgage lender as our expert).
  • Three and six month programs are available.
  • NR Interactive will shoot, edit, and produce all expert video files in HD. Player/ready video files can also be provided.
  • Each expert video will be approx 60 seconds in length – not to exceed 90 seconds.
  • Cost = $3000 (three different expert videos produced by News & Record Interactive, all running for three months).
  • Campaign reports available to show total "view" of each video.
  • home page headline box sponsorships.
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