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Products - Advertisement Specifications and Guidelines

General Information

Submitting Ads


  • All standard ads must be received at least 3 business days prior to launch. Rich-media ads must be received at least 5 business days before launch.

Technical Specifications

All Ads
  • View the individual ad specification guide.
  • All ads must have at least a 1 pixel border on all sides.
  • Accepted file formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, SWF, HTML or JavaScript (for 3rd party ads only). Please refer to the Ad Guideline Chart below for more information.
  • Ads running in an email newsletter may only be JPEG or non-animated GIFs.
  • Ads that allow animation may have an unlimited number of loops. Please refer to the Ad Guideline Chart below for more information on which ads allow animation.
  • Ads may not be designed to blend in with the site or mimic editorial fonts or colors.
  • Ads cannot prompt the user to download a plug-in, if the plug-in is not available, an alternate JPEG or GIF version of the ad must be displayed.
  • All ads must be at 72dpi.
HTML Formatted Ads
  • Code should be submitted WITHOUT <HTML>, <TITLE>, <HEAD> or <BODY> tags.
  • All HTML attributes must be properly double quoted.
  • All tags should be nested.
  • All click-through URL’s need to be set to "%__C__%" (note the underline is two "_" characters). Example: <a href="%__C__%">Click Here</a>
  • Ad must be degradable (must have options for older or other disabled browsers).
Flash Specifications
  • All Flash ads should have the clickTAG variable encoded rather than a hard coded click-through URL. The following code needs to be manually added to the .swf file before the ad is sent.
    ACTIONSCRIPT 2 SAMPLE yourButtonInstance.onRelease = function(){

    ACTIONSCRIPT 3 SAMPLE yourButtonInstance.addEventListener(
             navigateToURL(new URLRequest(root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG), "_blank");
    Please note the code above IS case sensitive. Download a step-by-step guide
  • A default GIF or JPEG version of the ad must be submitted for visitors without Flash or JavaScript.
  • Flash Ads need to be set to run in Flash Player versions 6 through 9.
  • Flash files must be set at 24 frames per second or less.
Video Specifications
  • We accept the following video formats: .mov, .flv, .wmf. We are not able to take video from standard video DVD's (.vod format).
  • 3rd Party video streaming is accepted conditionally and approved only after successful testing.
  • Audio is only permitted as user-initiated. User much CLICK ad or button within ad before any audio may be streamed in.
  • Video can start on load.
  • In-ad videos must be 15 seconds or less in length.
  • Maximum file size of the final sized and optimized video must be 1.2MB or less. News & Record standard optimization is:
    • Video: data rate of 360kb, frame rate of 2:1, key frame every 24 frames.
    • Audio: data rate: 48Kbps, mono.
Rich Media Specifications
  • Large rich media ads have to have a polite download of the ad must be at or under the maximum file size listed below. Secondary loads can be a maximum of 160kb.
  • Audio is only permitted as user-initiated. User much CLICK ad or button within ad before any audio may be streamed in.
  • Expandable ads:
    • If ad is set to automatically expand or flyout, the expanded version must be visible for 5 seconds or less unless the user interacts with the ad via a mouseover or click.
    • The ad must have a "Close" button. Clicking the close button MAYNOT take the visitor to a website. The action of the close button may only be to collapse the ad.
    • The ad may have an option "Reply" button.
Third-Party Specifications
  • Third-party ad serving by approved third-party ad servers is allowed on for most ad units.
  • Approved Third Party Ad Servers:
    • Ad4ever (Unicast Communications Corp.)
    • Atlas DMT
    • Bluestreak
    • Doubleclick Dart for Advertisers (DFA)
    • Enliven (Unicast Communications Corp.)
    • Eyeblaster, Inc.
    • Eyewonder, Inc.
    • Interpolls
    • Klipmart Corporation
    • Mediaplex, Inc.
    • Point-Roll, Inc.
    • Unicast Communications Corp.
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